As you might suspect from the name of it, Theoconsequentialism is a set of ideas about God."  After all, the prefix "Theo" is derived from the Greek word "Theos" which means "god." So you probably come here with preconceived ideas about "God."  I'll start out by telling you that the ideas presented here do not match the ideas you already have. 

For those of you who are still reading, albeit with trepidation, why are you afraid?  Is your existing belief system so weak that you fear it will be corrupted or subverted?  Perhaps you can strengthen your beliefs against mine, like an animal sharpening it's teeth.  Or are you simply impatient?  You already know the truth, so why waste time with anything else?  After all, as Caliph Omar is reputed to have said, burning the Library of Alexandria, "If it's in the Koran, we already have it, so burn it.  If it isn't, we don't need it, so burn it."  Fine, no skin off my teeth.  Since my belief system is true, it is a better tool for dealing with reality, thus it will ultimately prevail.  Feel free to believe lies, as you go on being used by spiritual forces beyond your understanding.

For those of you who are still reading, this ideology is a tool.   It presents a picture of Reality that may enhance your ability to thrive in it.  I present it to you, in accordance with its own recommendations, because the empowerment of Sapients is for all intents and purposes the definition of good. I hope to have crafted it well. 

One possible entry point to my theory is the idea that there really is some kind of entity acting in the world that has inspired the world's various religions--they aren't just a result of a psychological or sociological quirk.   In my book I make the case for a unique vision of that entity: why it exists, how we know it exists, how it works, what it wants, and why we  should cooperate with it. 

If you are of open mind, prepared to become an abject cult devotee and do all manner of unnatural things at your own expense, please read the book in the files you can download from the second page of this website.  (Note, this is sarcasm. If cults come on as non cults then spring the trap, the best way to be the opposite is to come on as a cult. Get it?)