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Prefatory Materials

Title Page



Chapter 1  Why Ask Why

(a)The Word Why


(c) Synchronicity
(e)Quantum Physics
(f)Uncertainty is Where Retro-causality Gets In
(g)Solar Eclipse
(h)Fine Tuning

Chapter 4 Dealing With It
 (a) Devotee or Negotiator
 (b) Retro-causal "Karma"
 (c) The Magic of World Qualifying
 (d) The Relative Sizes of Souls
 (e) Happiness As a Means
 (f) Cognitive Dissonance
 (g) The Problem of Evil
 (h) Importance
 (i) Cone Effects
(j) Consequentialism
(k) Theo Consequentialism
(l)l The Devil
 (m) No Waste
 (n) Para-Stoicism
 (o) Fanaticism
 (p) Divination
(q) Prayer
(r) Worship

Chapter 2 The Source of Existence
(a) Overview
(b) Zero, One, or Infinity?
(c) Productive Algorithms
(d) Comprehensive Continua
(e) Living in the Multiverse
(f) Preferred Complexity
(g) Rejuxtaposition
(h) The Limits of Metaphysics
(i) Biased Differentiation
(j) Continuum Branching Styles
(k) Dimension Proliferation
(l) The Non-locality of Retrocausality
(m) Counterintuitive Tunneling
(n)The Cutting Edge of Time
(o) Summary
(p) Conclusion

Chapter 3 The Aims of Existence
(a) Algorithm Drift
(b) Yes, I Said God
(c) Widgits In Outer Space
(d) Cheapskate
(e) Personality
(f) Determinism
(g)How We Got Here
(h)Where We're Going
(q)So What

Appendix A More On Religion
(1) Straw Man Perfection
(2) On Islam
(3) On Christianity
(4) On Pagans
(5) On Judaism
(6) On Atheism
(7) On Buddhism
(8) On Stoicism
(9) Unity
(10) Freedom of Religion
(11) On Unitarian Universalism

Appendix B More On Synchronicity

Chapter 7 End Opinions
(a) Space Aliens
(b) Gun Control
(c) Rights
(d) Progress
(e) Socialism
(f)  Capitalism
(g) Traditions and Legacies
(h) Slogans
(i) Sex
(j) Drugs
(k) Rock and Roll
(l) Video Games
(m) Animals
(n) Farming
(o) Space Migration
(p) Cautious Transhumanism
(q) Singularity
(r) Immortality
(s) Raising Children
(t) Evolution
(u) My Name
(v) Stoicism
(w) Idea
(x) The End
(y) The End
(z) Non Sequitur

Chapter 6
(a) The Movement
(b) Deriving Human Morals from God's Morals
(c) Worship
(d) Parochiality
(e) Spiritual Need
(f) Categories
(g) Dignity
(i) The Sabbath
(j) Breeding for God
(k) The Eleven Commandments
(l) The Categorical Imperative
(m) Old Time Religion
(n) Traditional Religions
(o) Theological Truth
(p) Unitarian Universalism
(q) Mohism

Chapter 5 Empowerment Opinions
(a) Independence
(b) Love
(c) Negative Emotions
(d) Playing Your Own Game
(e) Are There Not Enough Laws?
(f)  Civil Disobedience
(g) American Politics
(h) Anarchism
(i) Prison
(j) Excuses
(k) Human Nature
(l) Competition
(m) Individualism
(n) Loneliness
(o) Masturbation
(p) Self Interest
(q) Sexual Morals
(r) Atrocities
(s) Altruistic Moral Leadership
(t) Personal God
(u) Individualism
(v) Romantic Love
(w)Unarmed Combat
(x) Freedom Fighters
(z) Rituals

Appendix D Some Ideas
(1) World Minimum Wage
(2) Citizenship Standards
(3) Calendar
(4) Space Ferries

Appendix C  Some Worlds I'm In.

(1) Premise
(2) Bad Aliens
(3) Potemkin Villages
(4) Armageddon Conspiracy

Appendix E Original Intro

Figures  Where I got the public domain pictures and how I' know they're public domain

Media: Explanations of the music and

video clips linked to